Persian Rugs and Wooden Flooring – Achieving the Perfect Balance

Persian Rugs and Wooden Flooring – Achieving the Perfect Balance

A Persian rug can certainly create an impact on wooden flooring: Which design works best will largely be down to personal preference. Even so, consult an experienced interior designer and they generally have one rule of thumb with regards to which rug works best – And that is, dark wood floors balance best with lighter coloured rugs and light floors suit most colours.

Dark wood flooring can be slightly oppressive and need to be balanced out with softer tones and tints. Adding a light coloured rug to a large dark wood area will bring visual balance and uplift the ambience of the room. Without doubt, chosen correctly, a Persian rug can become an eye-catching and stylish centrepiece.

Colour Considerations

Of course, there are many shades of dark and light! In the first instance, it is important to consider which way your wooden floors lean with regards to colour. A deep red mahogany would look very different against a red rug, compared to a stained black natural oak floor for example. Black tones work well with neutral tones and tints, grey, beige, white and silver for example. Red tones are enhanced by green shades and muted by purple and orange. When choosing the colour it is important to clarify whether you want the rug to stand out, or make a more subtle style statement. Again, personal preference will play the major role in which you opt for.

Location… Location

If the rug is going to be in a well lit area this also needs to be accounted for when choosing the colour.  If it is a small room without much light a dark coloured rug might be lost in the shadows. Gold, cream, red and orange colours can uplift the ambience, bringing a lighter, brighter feel to the room. How much traffic the rug needs to withstand is also a big consideration. If your rug is going to be in a busy area light colours such as white and cream might not be so practical. Two-tone and patterned rugs can provide the perfect balance in this situation.

One thing you definitely do not want to happen is your beautiful Persian rug simply fades into the woodwork – Quite literally! Consider the size of the area it will cover when choosing your colours. For example, yellow and red can become overwhelming in large amounts. Balance is the number one aim when choosing a Persian carpet to compliment your wooden floors. Achieve that and you will achieve the perfect style equilibrium.

We can offer you one of the most extensive collections of Persian rugs available. You can view our selection online and we offer personal, one to one appointments. Selecting the perfect Persian rug for your home, needs and budget needs careful consideration. We have the experts who can help you make the right decision for you. Need some ideas to get the ball rolling? Now is as good a time as any – Browse our selection of modern and vintage rugs and get ready to be inspired!

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